»How efficient is my PR-work?«


The analysis of "pr-unternehmensberater.de" is entirely independent. What you receive is a neutral evaluation of your current measures and a thorough assessing of the situation. On this basis you are able to adjust the measures at the best possible rate.

The analysis contains:

  • Review of the given communicative goals
  • Analysis of the current communication (divided into specific target groups)
  • Image analysis, media resonance analysis, familiarity
  • Revision of the internal structures (Qualification of employees, organsational structures)
  • External suppliers, contract structuring
  • Input/Output-Analysis of commuication measures of the last 12 months
  • Cost analysis
  • Calculation of a phasor, called "PR-Koeffizient" which includes quantitativaly and qualitatively parameters

The contractors will agree on a secrecy contract at the beginning of operation. The analysis can be limited. If desired the analysis can take place without active involvement and recognition of employees and suppliers.