»Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted, and the trouble is I don't know which half!«

(John Wanamaker)

Do you know the profit contribution of your products and services? For sure! But do you know the profic contribution of your communication activities? In many companies this is a matter of feeling. But are your current communication measures the right ones? Are there unexploited potentials? Is the price you have to pay for service providers fair and adequate or are there better and cheaper suppliers? "pr-unternehmensberater.de" ensures you the completely independent evaluation of your companys' communication and suggests the most efficient solution. "pr-unternehmensberater.de" works on an honorary basis. Therefore the advisory services are independent from the size of the suggested measures. There are no provisional bindings with communication providers.
The services at a glance:

  • Analysis of the current situation
  • Measurability from the economic point of view
  • Concepts, which adhere strictly to corporate goals
  • Assisting services for defining the best service providers and personnel
  • Professional handling of pitches

Independent: "pr-unternehmensberater.de" does not receive any commissions from agencies. This ensures to be solely focused on the customers needs and the most efficient solution. 

Sustainable: Half a year after implementation a review will be untertaken. Should the announced benefits haven't been realised - a free revision and an adaption of measures will be done.

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